How to fight back when someone steals our Amazon packages (genius)!

Here in the good ol’ USA, Amazon allows its packages to be delivered to our unsecure front porches. Yes. We live in a relatively safe world here in the States.


There seems to be a growing number of package thefts. Because the risk of getting caught is low – the police claim anything stolen worth less than $2,000 is not worth their time.

Even worse, when we make an Amazon claim of theft, UPS usually “blacklists” our address and refuse to delivery future package deliveries to our address. (This is why Amazon has those package drop off locations… those storage “Amazon Lockers” inside Whole Foods and convenience stores.)

It seems the only way to protect our property these days is to take justice in our own hands.

And one crafty engineer invested over $500.00 to cleverly exact revenge on his porch thieves…

Check out this AMAZING video – it is one of the best videos I have seen all year:

A lot of people are shocked that these thieves are not homeless or living in some run-down slums. Of course, the fake news propagates this lie. In reality, thieves come from all economic conditions.

A lot of people wish this device would be available for sale on Amazon. I’d bet it would sell like hotcakes at $100.00, too. If I had this theft issue, I would get it. In my book, there is nothing worse than a thief. In fact, I think this video is WAY too politically correct…

For example:

It blurs each thief’s picture. Why? These pieces of filth were caught red-handed doing something illegal. If anything, their faces should have been blown up larger in Photoshop and featured.

Also, the “punishment” is sort of lame. There are much better ways to send a message than a glitter bomb and fart smell. The same engineering could have delivered a super loud noise. Also, why not disperse pepper spray? And instead of glitter, shoot laser printer toner – it would take forever to remove (and remind the thief never to steal again).

Update 12/22/2018 @ 09:58 PM: It looks like this video was partially staged.