The fast and easy way to cancel Apple Subscriptions

Lately, Apple has been pushing Subscriptions on its customer base.

Lots of people hate this. They hate paying for software forever. And they really hate that Apple makes it hard to cancel a subscription. A lot of people can’t find their subscriptions on their iPhone.

This video reveals one way to cancel app subscriptions:

I discovered this faster and easier way to cancel app subscriptions on our mobile device:

Click on the [App Store] app.

Tap our profile pic (in the top-right-hand side of the screen).

Tap on the name with the right arrow icon (>). Confirm with either Touch ID or Face Id.

This takes us to the “Account Settings” page… which leads to the “Subscriptions” section. Click on it and wait a few seconds. A list of Active and Expired Subscriptions displays.

Clicking on a subscription instantly shows us all options. We can change between them and get a full prorated refund for time on the old plan. We can cancel with ONE tap and a confirmation. Cancelling does not interfere with what we have already paid for. And it tells us EXACTLY what date we have paid through.

By the way, subscriptions may not show up if we do not have any.