Best time to bring our Apple repairs to the Genius Bar

As much as I rail against Apple for creating products with planned obsolescence in mind…

I am impressed that Apple replaces their faulty devices via their Exchange and Repair Extension Programs.

Anyone with Apple products should scan this updated webpage of recalls.

I have had batteries swapped out, 4 logic boards repaired – and soon will have my laptop monitor replaced because of “Staingate”… all FREE of charge.

The downside is it can take Apple up to 10 days to fix our devices if they are part of the Exchange and Repair Extension Programs. (One of my Apple moles tells me holding off until January or February might be worth the wait. These two months are slower for Apple repairs… and wait times shrink almost in half during these two months.)

If we have AppleCare+, there might be a way to have our device fixed faster AND get a loaner unit.

Apple’s Express Replacement Service sends us a replacement device before we send our unit in for repair:

Apple Watch

(Apple does not have an Express Replacement Service for laptops or desktop computers.)

If we spend a lot of money on Apple devices for small- to medium-sized businesses, joining Apple’s Joint Venture program might fit the bill. I was told they offer loaner devices when our units are in for repair.