STUNNING FACTOID: report claims more than 8 out of 10 vegans quit

As I quickly approach my 52nd birthday, I continue to be thrown off the path on what makes for the perfect diet.

I continue to bitch about this to my family – that there is a supercomputer sandwiched between glass and metal (a smartphone)… yet no one can figure out what is truly healthy to eat.

One way I figure out the right way to eat is to leverage what other people have tried, measured and tested.

And then I stumbled upon this: 84% of vegetarians and vegans fall off the wagon and return to eating meat.

According to this (archived) journal post:

84 percent of people who have adopted vegetarianism or Veganism at some point in their lives have gone back to eating meat. A bit less than one in five vegans and vegetarians maintains their diet. All told, two percent of the U.S. population is either vegetarian or vegan.

Even more compelling is the apparent profile of an ex-vegan:

– Their average age is 48…
– They have been vegan since age 34…
– 65% of vegans transitioned quickly into the diet (within days or weeks)…
– 49% said they were living with a significant other when their diet lapsed…
– 43% of those quitting say it was too hard to stay on a “pure” diet…
– A slight majority maintained the diet for less than a year.

Do I trust these findings? Of course not. All sides of the diet world pushes its own propaganda.


Most long-term vegans I know personally quit the diet because they were always in pain. Some were always hungry (aka “hangry”). And others worried that they were turning frail.

Lately, a tipping point has been reached. Because every day, I see a new “Veganism failed me” or “Why I Stopped Being a Vegan” video on YouTube. They are compelling (and sad) to watch. Even more interesting is most of these videos are from once-hardcore vegans and vegetarians (once exhibiting “angry vegan syndrome”).

So I decided to compile all the videos (and articles) below:

Vegan ditches plant diet for only meat, bone marrow and BRAINS to ‘save her life’

Punchline: for me, clearly avoiding meat is not an option. But does it make sense to be a strict carnivore? Probably not. I am still tryin’ to figure this diet thing all out.