New study reveals conventional food is loaded with pesticides – well, duh!

A new study reveals eating organically dramatically drops the amount of pesticides in our body.

The study reveals people who switched from a conventional to an organic diet reduced their intake of pesticides by 60 percent in less than 7 days:

In a new study, 16 children and adults who ate only organic food for six days experienced a 60.5% reduction in the levels of common pesticides in their bodies.

Yes, the study is small. (It was funded by an NGO called the Friends of the Earth.) But it coincides with what similar studies found:

– Diet is a primary source of pesticide exposure.

– Eating an organic diet reduced neonicotinoid, organophosphate (OP) pesticides and pyrethroid, 2,4-D exposure in U.S. families.

– Organic eating produced the greatest reduction observed for malathion, clothianidin, and chlorpyrifos.

My take: I am continually blown away that people willingly eat foods laced with herbicides, pesticides and toxic chemicals. And the worst of the bunch is “vegetables“. And it gets worse: farmers regularly spray their crops with cow poop at least twice a year. I see this (and smell this) living here in the countryside. This is one of the main reasons why I avoid plant foods like the plague.