How to pitch a joint venture with a 4-minute video (this is awesome)

Bravo Jack Conte.

The video he sent to YouTuber Casey Neistat last night is an instant classic on how to properly pitch a joint venture.

Most people I know send an email or social network DM. And most are disappointed when their joint venture pitch goes unanswered.

But this… This is a MASTERPIECE. It might be my favorite YouTube video ever uploaded. I have watched this 3 times so far:

By the way, Casey said YES. They are having a meeting this Thursday.

Does this expensive Ferrari get the girl? (This video might surprise you)…

The car industry uses an endless parade of innuendo in their commercials to appeal to our sexual fantasies…

They imply the idea that buying their expensive cars are going to get us that girl.

But is this really true?

Popular YouTube car reviewer Doug Demuro puts this to the test here:

Here is the interesting part – expensive cars do attract the opposite sex… for women:

Inside the Boeing South Carolina B787 Factory (video tour)

Ever wonder how a super-huge commercial jet is assembled?

This video reveals behind the scenes of the Dreamlifter operation, final assembly, midbody operation, aft-body operation and interior responsibility center.

Inside DJ Zedd’s $16 million house LA mansion (video)

Up until yesterday, I had never heard of DJ Zedd (a.k.a Anton Zaslavski).

Apparently, spinning records pay well these days. He reportedly made almost $100 million over his short career.

So like most Nouveau riche, he paid over $16,000,000.00 for this mind-blowing, AMAZING Los Angeles home:

Question: what is the over/under on the date of Zedd going bankrupt like every other newly-rich dude?

Amazing video of YouTube flight around the world in a tiny Cessna plane

Earlier this year, popular YouTube vlogger Louis Cole partnered up with his pilot friend Juan-Peter Schulze to fly around the world in a small plane.

It was a grueling 25,000-mile, around-the-world navigation that took more than 12 weeks to complete.

And they pulled it off in a tiny, 4-seat 210 Cessna propeller-powered plane.

Just amazing…

This is a beyond-the-scenes look at their final leg from Hawaii to Oakland, California: