What do Grant Cardone and I have in common? Hint: we do not fear an IRS audit

Once again, my CPA emailed me with a frantic message. She insists that I am going to get audited by the IRS

She says there is no doubt about it.

She emails this warning to me every year.

It is a tradition.

Some people have yearly family reunions, I get yearly warnings from my tax preparer.

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Why is vitamin B15 banned and forbidden here in the USA?

When some of the greatest professional athletes on the planet are asked about their success, many point to vitamin B15.

Greats such as Muhammad Ali, the Russian Olympics teams – even high-school athletes regularly take vitamin B15 to lower blood lactic acid, stabilize blood sugar during exercise, and reduce the effects of fatigue.

If there ever was a “fountain of youth” pill we could take, it is vitamin B15.


According to this article, Vitamin B15 (commonly, but wrongly known as Pangamic acid) is forbidden to be ingested here in the good ol’ US of A:

Vitamin B15, also known as Pangamic Acid, is a controversial vitamin in America, and has been removed from the B-Complex supplements. Pangamic Acid is not available in the USA because the FDA took Pangamic Acid products off the market over two decades ago. However the FDA has been monitoring the wide range of medical conditions treated with B15 in other countries.

Russia has been the most progressive country using B15, believing it to be a very important nutrient treating a multitude of symptoms and diseases. Russian scientists have shown Pangamic Acid supplementation can reduce the buildup of lactic acid in athletes, and, thereby, lessen muscle fatigue and increase endurance. Hum, do you think this vitamin might assist with Fibromyalgia?

This is one of the nastiest hit pieces I have ever seen on the health benefits of vitamin B15.

I always hear the same nonsense when it comes to this type of stuff… like:

Pangamic acid might possibly have a role in the biochemistry of the human body, but there is too little evidence to suggest that it is beneficial to take it or whether it is, in fact, correct to class it as a vitamin.

Which leads to why the FDA bans vitamin B15… they claim:

There is no attainable scientific evidence that undeniably proves that pangamic acid is, indeed, necessary for health and/or prevents disease in the wake of deficiency.

And then the FDA says this:

Because the chemical composition varies from product to product and insufficient evidence exists to show that vitamin B15 is effective for medicinal use, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved B15 and repeatedly seizes pangamic tablets.

Let me decode this crap: healthy people are detrimental to the bottom line of pharmaceuticals. And the FDA has ALWAYS shilled for Big Pharma.

Even stranger, the FDA admits there is not enough evidence to endorse vitamin D15. That means no scientific studies have been done on D15. So how in the world can they conclude that vitamin D15 is not safe to ingest?

It is interesting that the FDA says no to vitamin D15, yet athletes buy up as much of the stuff that they can get their hands on.

I find it interesting that vitamin B15 is available as a supplement for horses and dogs. (Oh well, humans be damned.)

Hacking vitamin B15

The good news is there is a legal workaround to ingest D15 for its health benefits…

Beef liver is the most concentrated dietary source of vitamins. And fortunately for us, this includes D15.

Now, I am not a big fan of eating beef liver. It is kind of nasty. It smells bad. It is stringy. And it gets tough when cooked.


There is an option: I eat pasture raised beef liver from New Zealand. It is the best we can get our hands on… it is not grain finished – it is grass finished. And it is dehydrated and shrunken into this easy-to-swallow pill.

These dehydrated beef liver capsules are virtually tasteless. (There is a hint of a liver taste once I swallow each pill, but it goes away in a few seconds.)

Will this work for you? I have no clue. I am not licensed to give health advice. Plus, our government does not allow me to make health claims…

With that said: I know it works for me. It took just under 2 weeks to notice BIG improvements…

Ever since taking these liver pills every day, many of my ills are disappearing. Even my skinny jeans I wore in high school are too loose now. I no longer get that 2 p.m. crash. I am never hungry and never feel bloated. Even better, my terrible brain fog is 100% gone. My brain feels decades younger.

The best part is total strangers are staring at me and smiling. I have not experienced this in decades. It feels good to be appreciated.

My biggest regret was not taking these liver pills a long time ago.

This country has the most suicides (and it might surprise you)

Dr. Shawn Baker (a passionate carnivore) retweeted this:

But is it really true?

For the record, I admire Dr. Baker and his push to help people eat a nutrient-dense diet via meat eating. But, his tweet is pushing a common myth…

I dug a little bit and found more recent statistics from the United Nations’ and World Health Organization data (2016)… and here are the top 10 countries with the highest suicide rates:

South Korea

It is true that Pakistan was 169th on the list.

But, India was 49th on the list – not first.

Also, it is interesting to note that India is not a largely vegetarian country. According to this BBC report (if it can be believed), just 1 out of 5 Indians are vegetarians or vegans. The vast majority of India’s population includes meat in their diet.

New study reveals conventional food is loaded with pesticides – well, duh!

A new study reveals eating organically dramatically drops the amount of pesticides in our body.

The study reveals people who switched from a conventional to an organic diet reduced their intake of pesticides by 60 percent in less than 7 days:

In a new study, 16 children and adults who ate only organic food for six days experienced a 60.5% reduction in the levels of common pesticides in their bodies.

Yes, the study is small. (It was funded by an NGO called the Friends of the Earth.) But it coincides with what similar studies found:

– Diet is a primary source of pesticide exposure.

– Eating an organic diet reduced neonicotinoid, organophosphate (OP) pesticides and pyrethroid, 2,4-D exposure in U.S. families.

– Organic eating produced the greatest reduction observed for malathion, clothianidin, and chlorpyrifos.

My take: I am continually blown away that people willingly eat foods laced with herbicides, pesticides and toxic chemicals. And the worst of the bunch is “vegetables“. And it gets worse: farmers regularly spray their crops with cow poop at least twice a year. I see this (and smell this) living here in the countryside. This is one of the main reasons why I avoid plant foods like the plague.