This is EXACTLY how beeswax is made

Last week, I made a homemade body salve with beeswax.

And that got me thinking: what is beeswax (and how is it harvested)?

Unlike vegetable waxes, beeswax is the only naturally occurring wax. Most waxes (like soy wax or paraffin) are manufactured using a toxic chemical process. But, beeswax is wax, right out of the beehive.

Beeswax is used to make:

Beeswax bars
Beeswax candles
Beeswax healing sauve
Beeswax hand cream
Beeswax all-purpose polish
Beeswax boot waterproofing

Was Dr. Sebi the greatest natural healer of all time?

Alfredo Bowman and his wife needed a name to market his natural healing business.

So, they came up with the name Dr. Sebi.

Dr. Sebi was an herbalist and self-proclaimed healer. He lived 83 years and died in Honduras on August 6, 2016.

In my research, Dr. Sebi was always shrouded in mystery.

Here is a rare glimpse of Dr. Sebi on The Rock Newman Show:

For those into drama and conspiracy, this exclusive interview with Dr. Sebi’s first wife is quite the watch:

So how did Dr. Sebi rise in prominence?

Allegedly, Dr. Sebi was arrested for practicing medicine without a license, selling products not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and fraudulently claiming that he could cure AIDS and other diseases. This sounds familiar… this happens a lot as the FDA loves to close down any threat to Big Pharma and Big Medicine…

But here is the fascinating part: the judge on the case asked Dr. Sebi to bring in one patient who could testify that he had cured him or her of these potentially fatal diseases. Instead of just one, Dr. Sebi provided 70 patients and won the case. Here is a copy of the newspaper article proving that he won his court case.

And the legend of Dr. Sebi was born.

So was Dr. Sebi the real deal?


Dr. Sebi understood the marketing of natural products. He was CLEARLY on top of his promotional game. Because as we see on his official website, he sells cures at eye-popping high prices. Each product includes a glorious story. Stories help sell products… sometimes better than actual testimonials.

Without knowing or ever meeting Dr. Sebi, one thing is for sure – all his healing potions came from plant-based products. And I am DEEPLY suspicious about the positive efficacy of plant-based benefits.

And most important, I am not aware of any scientific studies proving Dr. Sebi’s health claims staved off disease.

So, would I look to Dr. Sebi for ideas and potions to keep me healthy and stave off diseases? Probably not.

This guy created a product launch video – no experience… and FREE!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record: a product launch video can change our lives almost overnight.

Generally speaking, product launch videos for marketing purposes outperform almost any other medium. A professionally-written sales letter does not even come close.

To prove this, the developer of a mind mapping app set out to create a product launch video in record time – less than 2 days. He wanted a “snazzy” video to help promote their app. They only used free software. And they had no video-making training.

The good news is he pulled it off. The video is not perfect… but that is okay as the video has successfully launched his app.

Check it out:

Click here to see all the behind-the-scenes tactics to make this product launch video.

The fast and easy way to cancel Apple Subscriptions

Lately, Apple has been pushing Subscriptions on its customer base.

Lots of people hate this. They hate paying for software forever. And they really hate that Apple makes it hard to cancel a subscription. A lot of people can’t find their subscriptions on their iPhone.

This video reveals one way to cancel app subscriptions:

I discovered this faster and easier way to cancel app subscriptions on our mobile device:

Click on the [App Store] app.

Tap our profile pic (in the top-right-hand side of the screen).

Tap on the name with the right arrow icon (>). Confirm with either Touch ID or Face Id.

This takes us to the “Account Settings” page… which leads to the “Subscriptions” section. Click on it and wait a few seconds. A list of Active and Expired Subscriptions displays.

Clicking on a subscription instantly shows us all options. We can change between them and get a full prorated refund for time on the old plan. We can cancel with ONE tap and a confirmation. Cancelling does not interfere with what we have already paid for. And it tells us EXACTLY what date we have paid through.

By the way, subscriptions may not show up if we do not have any.

Dan Pena is not nice (and he likes it that way)

I have binge watched Dan Pena videos all day today.

And in one video, he recommended we look into the etymology of the word “nice”.

So I did. And here is what it says:

Middle English (in the sense ‘stupid’): from Old French, from Latin nescius ‘ignorant’, from nescire ‘not know’. Other early senses included ‘coy, reserved’, giving rise to ‘fastidious, scrupulous’: this led both to the sense ‘fine, subtle’ (regarded by some as the ‘correct’ sense), and to the main current senses.

In simple speak, the origin of the word “nice” derives from stupid and ignorant: I find this to be interesting (and not surprising).

With that said, this Dan Pena documentary is quite the watch. Dan’s ruthless advice to coaching people will turn off many. Most hate everything Dan Pena stands for. But in the end, the same people get won over by Pena’s core beliefs.

Brian Rose of London Real (and his video team) did an AMAZING job publishing this two-part, behind-the-scenes video of Dan Pena’s Quantum Leap Advantage Seminar…

Here is part #1:

Watch the final 11 minutes here (forward to the one-hour mark).