Is there really too many people on the planet?

All our life, we have been blitzed with the warning that there are too many people living on our planet.

At the same time, we have been guilted into thinking that throwing out food is a bad thing – because there are people starving in Africa, etc.

Let’s put our critical thinking cap on, shall we?

When we run the math and assign a sizeable area of land to every family of 4 on the planet, something interesting happens:

This 66-foot by 66-foot plot of land (enough for a townhome and play yard) could house the entire 7 billion people in the state of Texas… and the rest of the earth would be empty.

This short video sums the population myth up nice and tidy:

The punchline is there is P L E N T Y of space for humanity…

And the same is true for food.

According to Thomas Malthus in 1798, we were supposed to run out of food in the year 1890. Of course, this prediction failed.


We have so much food today that governments throughout the world have paid farmers NOT to grow more food. I am not kidding – watch this:

So why are powerful NGOs striking fear into us that there are too many people on the planet?

My guess is to make room for the robotic society. After all, paying Universal Basic Income is expensive. Conspiracy theorists will scream that depopulation is taking place secretly… in plain sight.