This is my secret spice that makes everyone happy

Experts say nutmeg offers lots of benefits. This includes eliminating acne, soothing our stomach, helping with diarrhea – even fighting back against intestinal gas.

And professional chefs use a pinch of nutmeg to drastically improve the flavors of their dishes. I add it to my famous chicken Alfredo and my famous mashed potatoes – it is my “secret” ingredient.

Some add a dash of nutmeg to warm milk just before going to bed. Nutmeg prevents serotonin from breaking down (so it lasts longer in the brain).

Nutmeg oil has long been used to soothe toothaches and sore gums. We might want to massage a drop or two of this nutmeg oil onto our gums when they are painful or inflamed.


Nutmeg has a sort of twisted reputation.

Because in large doses, nutmeg is HIGHLY poisonous. It only takes a couple of teaspoons to get a toxic dose of nutmeg. About 30 minutes to an hour after taking large doses of nutmeg, people usually have severe gastrointestinal reactions, including nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. But that’s just the beginning. Hours into the high, people can suffer from heart and nerve problems as well.

Now, nutmeg is a seed. And for those with seed allergies, Mace is a viable alternative. Mace is the outer covering of the nutmeg kernel. Mace is super hard to track down… but I have tested this Mace and it tastes just as good as nutmeg.