Get this… cholesterol is no longer a nutrient of concern!

For decades, I have been SCREAMING that dietary cholesterol has nothing to do with cholesterol floating in our blood.

And in 2015, dieticians claimed cholesterol is no longer bad:

That same year – 2015… the U.S. government announced cholesterol is going to be removed from dietary guidelines.

And I quote from this February 10th, 2015 Washington Post article:

The nation’s top nutrition advisory panel has decided to drop its caution about eating cholesterol-laden food, a move that could undo almost 40 years of government warnings about its consumption.

The group’s finding that cholesterol in the diet need no longer be considered a “nutrient of concern” stands in contrast to the committee’s findings five years ago, the last time it convened. During those proceedings, as in previous years, the panel deemed the issue of excess cholesterol in the American diet a public health concern.

The finding follows an evolution of thinking among many nutritionists who now believe that, for healthy adults, eating foods high in cholesterol may not significantly affect the level of cholesterol in the blood or increase the risk of heart disease.

So why do most doctors and “health experts” continue to tell us that we need to closely watch our cholesterol levels?