How to win the lotto every time – as easy as 666

It blows my mind that people continue to spend money on admitted fixed and rigged lotteries around here in the good ol’ USA.

Want proof? And I quote from this Wikipedia page about the 1980 Pennsylvania Lottery scandal:

On the night of April 24, 1980, more than six million viewers watched as 666 was pulled as the winning number. Nick Perry, the announcer, never drew the winning numbers; this was always done by a senior citizen volunteer, as the lottery benefits senior citizens in Pennsylvania. (Today, an official draws the numbers, and a senior citizen is on-camera to witness the draw.) Lottery authorities and local bookmakers became suspicious when they noticed that a large number of tickets were purchased for the eight possible combinations, and a handful of players came forward to claim approximately $1.8 million ($5.47 million today) of the then-record $3.5 million payout ($10.6 million today). At first, they had no actual evidence that the drawing was fixed.

If we can believe this number, the average American gambles away $116,000,000,000.00+ a year. Yet people complain they do not have any money left to survive in to live in this great country.

Why would people bet against rigged lotteries?