Today is Friday. I got a big fat 0. Time to shut ‘er down

Every morning, I check the stats on this blog.

And the bad news is my stat counter showed a big fat zero visitors for the day.

When I clicked on the trends’ report showing the weekly counts, the news was even worse:

amazing final stats

Whenever I continue a business project, I pay close attention to 90 days trends. Are the analytics holding steady or trending up a bit – great. Keep it going…

But when analytics plummet downward, something is wrong.

And clearly, this blog is not resonating with people.
I am a big boy. And I can take a hint.
So today, this will be my last post here.

Most people worry about failure and suffer paralysis analysis.

But for me, I EMBRACE failures because it ultimately gives me more time and energy to work on my successes.

Finally, a big thanks goes to a client of mine (Ronald Skolnik) and my wife. I think they were the only two humans who regularly read this blog.

So now that I will have all this new-found free time, what is next for me?

Actually, I will work full time on a project I have been developing for almost 2 decades. And I plan to go public with it any week now. Stay tuned!