Check out this surprising iPad Pro durability test – wow!

I am typing this at the Apple Store. Because I am checking out the new iPad Pro that was made available yesterday.

And as most of the reviews confirm, this is an amazing tablet. And that is great for me, because I continue to put my entire online business into the iOS ecosystem.


Apple’s obsession with thinness is bad news for us in the case of a drop – check out this video:

Of course, Apple sells a smart keyboard to both protect their iPad (and offer us an external keyboard). But I tested it out, and I do not like it. Apple continues to put out crappy keyboards. Even worse, Apple’s smart keyboard is so EXPENSIVE – costing us $179.00 to $199.00.

Instead, I recommend buying one of these protective iPad cases: order this for the 12.9″ size OR order this for the 11″ size. (Note: these iPad cases are expensive, but they are the best I have ever tested.)

And I LOVE this cheap, Logitech Bluetooth external keyboard – I have been using it for years to connect to any of my tablets – even my iPhone and MacBook Pro.