How to prevent credit card skimming

For about $5, anyone can buy a credit-card skimming device and steal credit cards – even their passwords.

Credit card thieves get our card info using a device called a Credit Card Skimmer.

These credit card skimmers are portable capture devices that are attached in front of or on top of the legitimate credit card machine. Theses skimmers record the card data as we insert our credit card into the real scanner.

A lot of theft occurs at gas pumps because they are the least secure. This is why it is better to use the credit card option (instead of debit) because it does not need us to enter our PIN.

Check out this list of examples of credit-card skimming devices.

This detailed article reveals exactly how credit-card skimming is pulled off.

The good news is technology is catching up. Services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay use encryption that makes it virtually impossible to skim credit-card data.