Do bad genetics really affect our healthspan and lifespan?

There is no doubt that genetics plays a large role in how I look like (and often sound like) my dad.

But life’s “boogieman” wants us to think that almost all our genes affect our health, too.

I find this “boogieman” is Big Pharma. For decades, they have been buying ads, paying off doctors and journalists – even sponsoring YouTube influencers to convince us that our poor health is (mostly) related to bad genes.

They have poured billions of dollars into conditioning us to think diseases are genetic… hair loss is genetic – even fat gain is genetic.

And of course, Big Pharma has a solution to our mutated genes’ problems: PILLS.


Those pills almost never fix the problems they claim to solve. Even worse, their pills are riddled with side effects – which exponentially kills our good health.

It does not matter if pills do not cure our ills, because being sick is mighty profitable.

This is why I do not let “bad genes” distract me from thriving. Instead, I use knowledge and science to live the good life.