Was Dr. Sebi the greatest natural healer of all time?

Alfredo Bowman and his wife needed a name to market his natural healing business.

So, they came up with the name Dr. Sebi.

Dr. Sebi was an herbalist and self-proclaimed healer. He lived 83 years and died in Honduras on August 6, 2016.

In my research, Dr. Sebi was always shrouded in mystery.

Here is a rare glimpse of Dr. Sebi on The Rock Newman Show:

For those into drama and conspiracy, this exclusive interview with Dr. Sebi’s first wife is quite the watch:

So how did Dr. Sebi rise in prominence?

Allegedly, Dr. Sebi was arrested for practicing medicine without a license, selling products not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and fraudulently claiming that he could cure AIDS and other diseases. This sounds familiar… this happens a lot as the FDA loves to close down any threat to Big Pharma and Big Medicine…

But here is the fascinating part: the judge on the case asked Dr. Sebi to bring in one patient who could testify that he had cured him or her of these potentially fatal diseases. Instead of just one, Dr. Sebi provided 70 patients and won the case. Here is a copy of the newspaper article proving that he won his court case.

And the legend of Dr. Sebi was born.

So was Dr. Sebi the real deal?


Dr. Sebi understood the marketing of natural products. He was CLEARLY on top of his promotional game. Because as we see on his official website, he sells cures at eye-popping high prices. Each product includes a glorious story. Stories help sell products… sometimes better than actual testimonials.

Without knowing or ever meeting Dr. Sebi, one thing is for sure – all his healing potions came from plant-based products. And I am DEEPLY suspicious about the positive efficacy of plant-based benefits.

And most important, I am not aware of any scientific studies proving Dr. Sebi’s health claims staved off disease.

So, would I look to Dr. Sebi for ideas and potions to keep me healthy and stave off diseases? Probably not.