Revealed: Simple secrets on how I fixed my bad credit score in about 100 days!

Wanna know how I went from terrible credit to better credit fast?

Note: At the end of the post, I am offering for sale a product that helped me go from bankruptcy to excellent credit…

But first, let me tell you about this black box:

credit building box

This box is stuffed full of legal documents from my Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

I avoided talking about this box for over 15 years. Because I felt guilty about it… upset, embarrassed – even lonely.


This black box changed my life – in both bad ways and in good ways…

I used to have GREAT credit…

I thought, “No way this could have happened to me.” Because before my bankruptcy, I always had GREAT credit. I paid my bills on time – every time.

Because I had great credit, I would get flooded with pre-approved credit card offers. New credit was always a cinch to get.

Plus, I was always responsible… paying cash for everything and only using my credit cards for emergencies.

But then 9/11 happened

I will NEVER, EVER forget it…

At the time, I was in the direct mail business. And after 9/11, business never recovered. That is when my credit score plummeted.

Bills were piling up and I could not breathe

I was getting collection calls night and day. And of course, I maxed out every credit card I had just to get by.

Even worse, I owed all my family money, too. And I had no idea how I was going to pay them all back.

So to keep my sanity, I never answered my phone. All calls went straight to my voicemail.

past due bills

When the mail arrived each day, I rushed to the mailbox. I then piled any new bills in a large banker’s box hidden in my closet. I never opened these envelopes. There was no reason to. It was too painful. And I ignored these past-due bills like they never happened.

It was all I could do. Because I did not have any money to pay off my growing pile of past-due bills.

But then it got worse… REALLY bad..

One debt collector called my brother in law at his home… interrogating him about my whereabouts. Another collector called my wife at work (a first-grade school teacher)… asking about me.

Yep, this was as bad as it could get.

It was SO embarrassing.


And even annoying.

And it was super hard on my wife.

Bankruptcy seemed like the only real option I had. But it was not. (Keep reading for the reason why bankruptcy is never the right move)…

It is (usually) not our fault

Many of us are just trying to survive to get by.


Some people finance their fun on credit. They pay for everything on their credit cards and live a life they cannot afford. And we all know these people deserve their low credit scores.


Most of us are good, honest people… And we do not try to get ourselves into bad financial shape on purpose.

I find most people have bad credit scores, because life’s surprises get in the way – like:

  • Job loss…
  • Out of control student loan debt…
  • Surprise repair bills…
  • Unexpected medical bills…
  • Divorce…
  • Identity theft

And when good people get surprised with large debts, they get hurt. Worst of all, they panic. And they do not know where to turn for help.

The credit industry makes a killing just when we are hurting the most

The worst part is this:

Just when we need help the most, the credit industry stomps their big, gigantic foot on us by raising their interest rates overnight.

Even worse:

Compound interest is used against us. This balloons the interest payments we have to pay our debts. And this makes it almost impossible to recover. Of course, schools never teach us to manage our finances… so it is really hard to figure it all out.

And since this is all embarrassing, many people would be shocked to find out about our mess.

Low credit scores cost us more money

It is a rigged game. The credit system wins when we lose. Because when our credit scores go down, the interest rate we pay goes up.

For example, take a look at this chart:

760-850: 3.785% $1,860 / month
700-759: 4.007% $1,911 / month
680-699: 4.184% $1,952 / month
660-679: 4.398% $2,003 / month
640-659: 4.828% $2,105 / month
620-639: 5.374% $2,240 / month

This is a national sample of mortgage rates by FICO score and interest rates…

See how the difference between a marginal excellent credit score (700-759) and a truly excellent one (760+) is about $50.00 a month on a $400,000 mortgage. That’s $600.00 a year, and $18,000.00 over the life of the mortgage.

That black box now excites me

I can either look at my bankruptcy box and get super depressed…


I can look at that bankruptcy box and get INSPIRED.

Today… whenever I see that box of bankruptcy papers, I get pumped up. Because I know that credit is a game. And with proper KNOWLEDGE, we can all win at their games.

Everything changed for me last year

More than 12 months ago, I decided to invest tons of time on strategies to build my credit.

I bought every book on the subject… I lurked at 4 of the biggest credit-building message board sites… I even convinced the world’s leading credit-building professional to record a podcast interview with me.

The problem is most of the advice I found were temporary schemes and tricks. It seemed like these tips were only tricking the credit score formula for a short amount of time…

And a lot of people said these tactics were lowering their credit scores (instead of raising them up).

I picked the “low-hanging fruit” and won

I was looking for real, solid credit-building strategies that would boost my score from terrible to terrific.

I was not looking for that one weird trick sort of thing. I wanted REAL, solid strategies to boost my credit score to excellent status – even if it took a few months extra.

I was determined to do it without loopholes or deceptive schemes…

And I only used solid tactics that work for almost everyone – no matter how bad our credit is. My goal was to dramatically improve my credit scores in weeks, not years.

The GREAT news is after more than a solid year of research, I discovered the secrets to repairing my bad credit score.

I did not want to spend much money doing it. Also, I wanted to boost my score:

  • Without hiring high-priced credit repair agencies…
  • Without hiring expensive lawyers or so-called “credit experts”…
  • And without filing bankruptcy (again).

The best part is I figured out how to build my credit the right way. And now, for the first time ever… I am going to reveal all my credit-building secrets.

From worst to first

I wrote down every single credit-building idea…

And I sorted the ideas – picking the easiest (and strategies that were FREE or low cost).

From this list, my goal was to go from zero to an excellent credit score. Yes, zero – because my bankruptcy actually zeroed out my FICO scores.

Zero to 850… 850 being the best FICO score.

And I would do it without a struggle… Without spending a lot of money… And reestablish my excellent credit score fast – getting there in months, not years.

I would put into action credit building strategies that would stop it all. It would end all collection calls, put an end to all demand letters – and raise my credit score to EXCELLENT levels.

My ultimate goal is to get my credit score high enough so I would get a new home and a new car at the absolute lowest interest rate offered.

The good news is this

There is one simple weapon we have that they credit sharks cannot take away from us…

And that is KNOWLEDGE.


A little bit of knowledge about how the credit industry works can put an INSTANT stop to all this. It is not hard. And it is not complicated.

These are the secret weapons anyone here in the USA can use to finally fight back against the evil credit industry.

These secret weapons help hundreds of thousands of people turn off the stress of bad debt.

Now for the first time, we can turn off the stress and frustration that comes with carrying these bad debts.

And do the right thing to restore our great credit scores.

Armed with this knowledge, we can turn off those embarrassing debt collection calls and demand letters…

With this same knowledge, we can put into action fast and easy strategies to restore our great reputation.

After that, we can finally get into the homes and cars we always wanted. And get them at the absolute lowest interest rate.


My bankruptcy zeroed out my credit score. Yes. I had a credit score of zero!

But after putting a couple of the “low hanging fruit” ideas I picked up into action, my score climbed to FICO 555:

credit repair FICO 555

About 7 days later, my score zoomed up another 49 points – now my FICO score is 615:

credit repair current credit score

In just 100 days, my credit score jumped 60 points:

credit repair my history March June 2017

In fact, my score keeps increases every week:

credit repair my history October 2017

Not only did the hounding, debt-collecting calls and demand letters stop…

I am getting pre-approved credit offers. Many offering to boost credit limits thousands and thousands of dollars. This helps our “utilization” score… which improves our FICO credit score.

Even better, my credit card interest rates are plunging, too.

Everyone with less-than-excellent credit needs this

It does not matter whether we have terrible credit or good credit. Everyone deserves to know the secrets on how to fight back against the evil credit industry and restore their excellent credit.


I raised my hand to be the ultimate case study…

I have available… right now… all my notes and all the low-hanging-fruit strategies I am using to go from a FICO score of zero to FICO 850 – the perfect credit score.

I documented everything… step by step. I show both what works (and more important, what does not work). I left nothing out. I show how I did it all. I had the worst of the worst credit. And now my credit score is rising towards excellent.

I have turned the tables back around in my favor.

This is working out so well for me, I will be getting a new home, new car – even a new campervan RV to travel across the USA. I am doing this all myself… using my soon-to-be excellent credit (instead of my wife’s great credit).

My wife has supported me in every way for more than 16 years because of my bad credit.

And I cannot wait to change all that.

Even better, I will never, ever fall back into my bad situation again. Because I am on my way to clean up my credit for good.

And get an excellent FICO score to help me buy stuff on my own – without borrowing from friends and family.

Once on the inside, you get to see EXACTLY how I am doing all of this…

This is 100% safe. 100% legal. And 100% ethical.

Would you like to see exactly how I am doing it?

I created a credit-building plan…

I call it the 0 to 850 Credit Building System. It documents my journey from terrible credit to good credit. Again, 850 is the highest FICO credit score available.

And while 850 is the ultimate goal, my realistic goal is a FICO 761 score. A 761 score is excellent. And an excellent credit score gets us the best interest rates out there.

Most important, it allows us to be financially independent and free – not having to rely on others.

And yes -all without bankruptcy.

Over the last few years, I have prepared to take my FICO score of ZERO and get to 761 at the right time…

And the time is now. I will get to 761. It is a matter of not if, but when.

The US government won’t let me share this with you


I would love to tell you I can guarantee my system will build your credit to excellent levels…

And, I would love to say following my credit-building strategies will turn your life around and finally free you from predatory, high-interest loans…

Plus, I would love to offer a lifetime, money-back guarantee that my strategies will work for you.


I cannot.

Because here in the good ol’ USA, the Federal Trade Commission forbids “claims.”

That is:

If I make a promise… even if I keep it, the FTC will shut me down faster than flies on poo. Heck, I cannot even offer a refund. Because again, this implies a “claim.”


Here is what I can do for you…

I can send you a private username and password and let you see how I do it all.

Here is a screengrab of my Quick Start page – it features 11 simple steps I took to move towards an Excellent credit score:

850 Credit Repair System Quick Start original 1

Once you log in, you get to see all my notes… All my struggles… And all my wins.

And if you use my strategies to win the credit game for yourself, that is cool with the government.

Get it here

Sure. My goal is to have a perfect 850 FICO score.

But my short-term goal is to get to an EXCELLENT FICO score of 761. And the good news is I am almost there.

UPDATE: My credit score just went up another 20 points this week. To see the proof (and to to peak over my shoulder and see how I did it), click here to order my system. Everything is just a one-time access fee of $199. And it even includes a full year of updates.

– Markus Allen
Editor & Publisher

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