What are confounding factors (and how does it skew our opinions about stuff)

Many people try to warn us about our diets.


In almost every case, they use confounding factors as a crutch to prove that they have a superior diet than ours. This “confounding factors logical fallacy” uses a loose association to confirm a diet’s benefits.

Confounding bias occurs when our results mislead us to think that one testing variable causes an outcome… but it was really a third test variable that caused a result…

And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, correlation is not causation.

This is an excellent short video showing a confounding factors example. We see why drinking coffee might have nothing to do with developing lung cancer:

This video goes broader and more into the weeds of broader logical fallacy – selection bias:

Punchline: I am SUPER leery of epidemiological, statistical or association study results when choosing the right diet for me. Instead, I dig hard to find scientific, randomized controlled studies that skip any confounding factors or selection biases.