What is commission breath (and why I LOVE it)

What is sales commission breath?

It is a term coined by car seller Ron Reahard. The phrase describes the obvious eagerness some car sellers use while presenting customers with costly add-on items that will earn the managers big commissions.

In simple speak, “Commission Breath” is when a salesperson makes little to no small talk and goes right for the close.

Instead of nurturing the consumer and building a relationship, the seller hints that s/he is desperate to make a quick sale.

Here are some examples of commission breath:

Seconds after agreeing to lease a car and finding the monthly price, the F&I manager aggressively pushes unnecessary extras like extended warranties and insurance.

Real estate sellers skip the small talk and rush to get us to list our house with them.

Door-to-door salespeople try to sell us something seconds after we open the door.

In each of these examples, the seller with “commission breath” is too desperate to build rapport with their prospects. Instead of using emotional appeals, they go straight for the close.

Most consumers can smell commission breath a mile away. And they do not like it. Because most of us look to create emotional bonds and build trust.


Me… I drop the emotion of buying. This helps me logically stay focused on my mission – to buy a product at a fair price that offers the most value.

I like salespeople with full-time commission breath. Because I know there is an opportunity to negotiate a better deal. In fact, I only want to find sellers with commission breath. I have no desire or need for small talk.

When I shop for a new car, I actively track down car sellers with commission breath. This helps me save up to 26% off the price of a new car. I created a system for this – click here to read all about it.