Here is the proper way to design bike lanes

One thing that drives me crazy is how poorly designed bike lanes are here in the good ol’ USA.


The good news is this clever intersection design can fix it all…

This brilliant video reveals how we can take a standard city crossroad and make it bike-, pedestrian- and car-friendly. City planners need to watch this video ASAP:

How to find airport codes in a mouseclick

Looking for a particular airport code or the city it is associated with?

At this airport code lookup site, start typing the location and boom – up comes a list of matching airport codes.

Fun fact: when we find the airport code we are looking for, this nifty site tells us how the code was created. For example, Orlando’s MCO airport code was originally a military airfield known as McCOy Airforce Base.

Question: Is Portofino the most amazing place to visit on earth?

Yes. It is true. Portofino, Italy is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Whatever creator made this fishing village on the Italian Riviera coastline was having a fantastic day.

Portofino features pastel-colored houses, high-end shops and seafood restaurants. A small, cobbled square overlooks the harbor (which is always lined with super-yachts).

Portofino is the place we all dream about. And I REALLY REALLY want to visit this place ASAP… especially after watching this FunForLouis vlog about Portofino: