Are these 3D printers accidentally filling our lungs with toxic fumes?

Now it appears those plastic-forming 3D printers are putting our health at risk…

According to this Gizmodo article:

“Ultrafine particles are very fine particles that are less than 0.1 micron (100 nanometers) in diameter,” said Black. “More than 90 percent of the particles we found emitting from 3D printers were in the nanoparticle range. These small particles, when inhaled, can reach the deepest part of the lungs, where they can enter tissues and cells, and can lead to cardiovascular and pulmonary effects in humans.”

Most people here in the States are getting sicker and sicker by the minute. It is a miracle that we are still alive. Heating plastic has nasty side effects. It creates all sorts of health issues. I applaud those who have the courage to write articles like this.

Can this egg predict a women’s expected lifespan?

I just listened to this technical, yet fascinating podcast with “rockstar” genetic professional David Sinclair.

It is super technical and long. But there were 2 nuggets worth digesting:

1) A woman’s fertility predicts her expected lifespan. So a woman producing eggs into her late 40s can be expected to live longer than a similar woman who no longer produces eggs at age 25.

2) Down Syndrome is most often caused by damaged DNA in a woman… not a man.


This is my secret, simple-to-make tonic that profoundly changed my life

I call this my Blackstrap Molasses Tonic.

This simple-to-make drink has had a profound effect on my health. It has virtually eliminated my lifelong anemia problems within 24 hours.

About 30 minutes after waking up, I whip this together to start off my day.

I cannot imagine missing a day without drinking this:

Here is the ingredient list:

Would you pay $285.00 for this $40 drug here in the USA?

This PBS NewsHour article might surprise a lot of people – and I quote:

Insurance copays are higher than the cost of the drug about 25 percent of the time, according to a study published in March by the University of Southern California’s Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics.

A Pharmacy Benefit’s Manager (PMB) plays a huge role in what prescription drugs people take (and the price they pay for them). But in most cases, they are steering us in the wrong direction…

This quick video reveals how paying cash for prescription drugs can be 60% cheaper than paying the insurance copay:

“We pay all this money for insurance… what’s it for?”

Get this – our smartphone’s blue light is secretly blinding us

I just read this post today about the correlation between blue light and eye damage:

Blue light from digital devices and the sun transforms vital molecules in the eye’s retina into cell killers, according to optical chemistry research at The University of Toledo.

The process outlined in the study, which was recently published in the journal Scientific Reports, leads to age-related macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness in the United States.

When our parents told us not to sit too close to the TV, maybe they were onto something.

Also, most people I know are surprised to find out that Steve Jobs did not allow his own children to use what inventions he sold. Hmmmmm.

UPDATE: This is the actual study referenced.