Behind the history of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

During our weekly travels, we are always on the lookout for a donut from a rarely-seen Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop.

Why have they vanished from the American landscape? This video attempts to explain why:

Punchline: Krispy Kreme was the ENRON of donuts. They lied about their earnings and got burned for it in 2004. But somehow, they survived and continue to operate. Surprisingly, most of their stores are now located outside the USA.

This robot is going to feed us the perfect burger (then probably kill us off)!

How great would fast food be if it was all made exactly the same way – every time? And with high-quality ingredients?

Well, guess what… that day is here. I introduce you to the robotic hamburger maker:

I am impressed this hamburger joint uses GAP 4 beef.

How to make traditional Bolognese sauce at home from scratch (video demonstration)

Fabio Viviani is a cool cat. My wife LOVES his accent… and his videos, too.

And this entertaining video demonstrates how to make an easy Bolognese sauce – right from our own Kitchen:

Get Fabio’s Bolognese sauce recipe here.

Is the farmers market near me selling produce from thousands of miles away (video proof)

When we buy our food from local farmer’s markets, we assume their food is grown locally.

But often, it is not…

This Canadian TV show catches “farmers” lying about growing their own food. Instead, a lot sell food purchased commercially – often at much higher prices.

Watch this:

Introducing the balanced, friendly-diet debate (video)

Normally, when diet gurus get together for a debate, all hell breaks loose.

But, this was a (mostly) civilized chat between 3 nutrition “thought leaders” held at the popular Talks At Google.

This balanced-diet debate featured:

Bulletproof Coffee founder Dave Asprey (claiming a high-fat diet is healthy for us)…

Film Director Kip Anderson (claiming a strict vegan diet is healthy for us)…

Dr. Joel Kahn (claiming a plant-based diet is healthy for us)…

Watch this fascinating discussion about a balanced diet plan:

Companion Notes

Dave Asprey’s books about high-fat diets

Kip Anderson’s book “Cowspiracy

Dr. Joel Kahn’s book about plant-based diets