Here are the benefits of drinking a daily dose of Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee was invented by entrepreneur Dave Asprey.

The basic recipe combines mold-free coffee, grass-fed butter and MCT oil.

The claimed benefits of Bulletproof Coffee are:

– Weight loss by way of ketosis…
– Slashed sugar cravings…
– Mental clarity.

One Youtuber posted a video about his success drinking Bulletproof Coffee 2 years straight.

Here is the science behind Bulletproof Coffee:

So, is Bulletproof Coffee the miracle so many followers claim it is?

I have been on a similar two-year experiment of buttered coffee. And so far, so good:

I no longer experience brain fog.

And the cost of buttered coffee is WAY cheaper than eating the typical American breakfast. This helps me with my intermittent fasting. So I am able to lose more weight and boost my endurance.

Now, I am not following the exact recipe:

Instead of grass-fed butter, I use goat butter instead. (Most of us have problems with dairy because of all the chemicals fed to cows.)

And instead of MCT oil (which is refined coconut oil), I use straight up coconut oil. Why? because I try to avoid processed foods.

The medical industry loves to slam Bulletproof Coffee because it is loaded with saturated fat. They claim too much fat leads to Atherosclerosis. But the truth is it is chlorinated water that is scientifically linked to heart disease.

After more than 2 years testing Bulletproof Coffee, here are the results…

This guy claims Bulletproof Coffee saved his life:

I have been testing buttered coffee for about 2 years now, too. And I am having the same benefits of drinking Bulletproof Coffee.

Is Monsanto the world’s most hated company?

It still surprises me that Monsanto is such an unknown company amongst the people I know.

Monsanto is earth’s largest seed company.

And when we think of the acronym GMO – all roads lead to Monsanto.

Plus, just about every banned chemical here in the USA was made by Monsanto, too.

Even worse, Monsanto makes the popular herbicide and crop desiccant Glyphosate. Yet Glyphosate is one of the worst chemicals for our health (more on this in another post).

How did Monsanto quickly rise to the top? Simple – the ol’ fashioned way.

This quick video reveals a fascinating history of why Monsanto might be earth’s most hated company:

Update: The Bayer/Monsanto merger is official. It was finalized on June 7, 2018.

Also, just say this today:

Monsanto ordered to pay $289m damages in Roundup cancer trial