Here is proof that most cars sold here in the USA are safer than ever

The guys over at TFLnow give an exhaustive review of the latest new car crash-test ratings for this year.

The good news is cars continue to get safer year after year. This is why I am such a HUGE fan of new-car leasing.

The bad news is some popular cars are not as safe as we would think – watch this:

Is the USA Chicken Tax backfiring on us?

The Chicken Tax is a 25% tariff placed on light trucks manufactured outside the USA.

(This expensive tariff was put into place in 1964 to retaliate against Germany imposing a 50% tariff on exported frozen chicken.)

And now, the Chicken Tax is apparently back in the news (I do not watch the news, but I have been told about it)…

Because U.S. government officials are threatening to impose this stiff tariff on ALL new cars imported into America. (I would be stunned if this panned out… just as I would be stunned if a wall was built across our American border.)

This video does a good job getting into the weeds of the Chicken Tax:

Of course, this Chicken Tax has backfired over the decades. Since there is little foreign competition, US trucks are of lower quality. We know this is (probably) true.. because in the rest of the world, US trucks are not the most popular – not even close.

The truth about car recalls (hint: most are phony)

Once again, the auto industry is using “fear porn” to squeeze more profits out of us – with car recalls.

And I quote from this article:

A dealership in Washington D.C. just settled with the Federal Trade Commission for allegedly sending fake recall notices in the mail as a ploy to boost the dealer’s repair business. The dealer, Passport Automotive, sent over 21,000 “recall notice” postcards to Toyota and Nissan owners between 2015 and 2017. All of the letters were designed to resemble an official recall notice, and urged owners to bring their car in to the dealer for more information.

This article makes it seem like this is a rarity. But it is not. A lot of car dealerships send out phony recalls to drum up business for their service centers.

My connection in the auto biz confirms most recalls are nothing more than a scheme to “get under the hood” – the hood in the front of the car that is. In simple speak, it is a way for dealership repair shops to scare us into fixing our car – even when there is nothing to fix.

Sure. Some recalls are real. But I never worry about them. Most recalls are super minor. Dealerships will automatically make recall fixes when we bring our car in for the next scheduled maintenance.

This is why I LOVE car leasing. Since we are always driving new cars, we almost never have to worry about repairs, maintenance or phony car recalls.

Buy a convertible car (or not)?

Is your lease coming due and thinking about getting into a new convertible?

Before you say yes, watch this quick video on the pros and cons of owning a convertible:

Getting busted for “faking it ’til you make it”

Today’s culture-creation industry makes it seem like anyone can be a star.

They hint that talent is no longer needed to make it.

But this VICE documentary proves authenticity wins out in the end. Check out this interesting video that goes behind the scenes of Miami’s luxury car rental industry: