Here are the most popular chords in 1,300 popular songs

This guy analyzed the chords of 1,300 popular songs for patterns. And here is what he found:

popular chord progressions

C (and its relative minor, A) are the most common by far. After that there is a general trend favoring key signatures with less sharps and flats but this is not universal. E♭ with three flats, for instance, is slightly (though not statistically significantly) more common than F with only one flat. B♭ only has two flats but is way at the end of the popularity scale with only 4% of songs using that as the key.

Nashville Number System anyone:

This reminds me of the post I made here – all the most popular songs are basically the same chord progressions.

Does this YouTube award pump you up?

Most YouTubers get excited when they surpass the 1,000 subscriber count.

But, imagine getting over 100,000… 1 million – or even 10 million subs.

Surpass these finish lines and get these YouTube awards for subscribers:

Here is the surprising reason pencils are yellow

According to this post, the real reason pencils are yellow is linked to royalty:

In China, yellow had long been tied to royalty. The legendary ruler considered the progenitor of Chinese civilization was known as the Yellow Emperor; thus, centuries later in Imperial China only the royal family was allowed to wear yellow. Eventually, the shade came to represent happiness, glory, and wisdom.

Hardtmuth settled on yellow to communicate the graphite’s geographical origins, while also linking its product to the long-held Chinese associations of royalty, and therefore superiority.

Easy paper airplanes in a mouseclick

I am always amazed that we can make feats of glorious engineering with just a sheet of paper.

And this website called FoldNFly features a database of paper airplanes with easy-to-follow folding instructions.

This post reminds me of how John Collins set a world’s record to throw his paper airplane a record 226+ feet.

Is the Elton John Farewell Tour worth $300.00 a ticket to watch?

There is an ol’ expression that goes like this:

The youngest, aged twelve, could not conceal her disappointment, and turned away, feeling as so many of us have felt when we discover that our idols are very ordinary men and women.

In simple speak, do not meet your heroes. You will be disappointed.

And The Elton John Farewell Tour solidifies this adage. It is not worth paying $300.00 to watch (in my humble opinion).

Of course, those already sucked into the farewell-tour vortex will say he was worth every penny. This reminds me of another expression:

Opinions are like farts and assholes – everyone has/does them, but does not mean you have to let it out.

Except for me:> That is why I blog here every day of the week.

Videos of his latest tour are leaking onto YouTube. And it is hard to watch.

Elton John is WAY past his prime. It is the same ol’ same ol’. It is like grandpa telling the same joke at Thanksgiving dinner. His vocal range is shot. He lost any spontaneity. He might even need a wheelchair. Someone… please roll this corpse off the stage and into a nursing home ASAP.

Seeing leaks of his latest tour on YouTube reminded me of watching the local Elks play at the park. The only difference was there was an annoying, HUGE video screen flashing nonsense in the background.

Elton John is the ultimate sell out – resorting to the age-old formula of that “one last chance to see your favorite musician play a live concert.” Why o’ why do people fall for this nonsense?

Heck, even his buddy Rod Stewart agrees:

To save you hundreds of dollars, I dug up one of the best Elton John live concerts for you – legally posted to YouTube. It is from his 2002 The Red Piano Tour at the The Royal Opera House in London. Elton John perfected the mixing of a rock ‘n roll band and orchestra. Watching and listening to this concert should give everyone pleasurable chills:

UPDATE: I just found out he is returning to Philly for another concert. So much for the farewell tour!