The fast and easy way to cancel Apple Subscriptions

Lately, Apple has been pushing Subscriptions on its customer base.

Lots of people hate this. They hate paying for software forever. And they really hate that Apple makes it hard to cancel a subscription. A lot of people can’t find their subscriptions on their iPhone.

This video reveals one way to cancel app subscriptions:

I discovered this faster and easier way to cancel app subscriptions on our mobile device:

Click on the [App Store] app.

Tap our profile pic (in the top-right-hand side of the screen).

Tap on the name with the right arrow icon (>). Confirm with either Touch ID or Face Id.

This takes us to the “Account Settings” page… which leads to the “Subscriptions” section. Click on it and wait a few seconds. A list of Active and Expired Subscriptions displays.

Clicking on a subscription instantly shows us all options. We can change between them and get a full prorated refund for time on the old plan. We can cancel with ONE tap and a confirmation. Cancelling does not interfere with what we have already paid for. And it tells us EXACTLY what date we have paid through.

By the way, subscriptions may not show up if we do not have any.

Has Apple invented anything original?

As much as an Apple Computer fan as I am, it is hard to argue with this video…

After watching this, the only thing Apple seems to have invented was the unibody case. They take a solid block of metal (e.g. aluminum) and use C&C machines to carve out each laptop.

And according to this patent, Apple invented the super-cool MagSafe power connector.

Question: does it matter if Apple takes other company’s products, change them and call it their own?


Best time to bring our Apple repairs to the Genius Bar

As much as I rail against Apple for creating products with planned obsolescence in mind…

I am impressed that Apple replaces their faulty devices via their Exchange and Repair Extension Programs.

Anyone with Apple products should scan this updated webpage of recalls.

I have had batteries swapped out, 4 logic boards repaired – and soon will have my laptop monitor replaced because of “Staingate”… all FREE of charge.

The downside is it can take Apple up to 10 days to fix our devices if they are part of the Exchange and Repair Extension Programs. (One of my Apple moles tells me holding off until January or February might be worth the wait. These two months are slower for Apple repairs… and wait times shrink almost in half during these two months.)

If we have AppleCare+, there might be a way to have our device fixed faster AND get a loaner unit.

Apple’s Express Replacement Service sends us a replacement device before we send our unit in for repair:

Apple Watch

(Apple does not have an Express Replacement Service for laptops or desktop computers.)

If we spend a lot of money on Apple devices for small- to medium-sized businesses, joining Apple’s Joint Venture program might fit the bill. I was told they offer loaner devices when our units are in for repair.

Apple’s Thanksgiving animated ad is going viral – here is why…

When I first watched this new Apple animated Thanksgiving ad, I thought for sure it was directed by film wizard Wes Anderson.

(I was wrong.)

From an artistic standpoint, this is outstanding. It absolutely sucks us into the ad – watch this:

While this ad does a great job to capture our attention (which is an ad’s main job), their fairy tale story was confusing at best. No one who watched this with me could exactly explain what the story was about. Ironically, the same ad agency created Apple’s “Misunderstood” 2013 ad. And I am “misunderstanding” the story, here.

Artists masterfully created this ad using a combination of detailed miniatures and digital animation.

If you want to see the behind-the-scenes making of this “Share Your Gifts” ad, check out this video:

The new Apple Pencil – is it really worth $129.00?

This video shows the difference between the original Apple Pencil and the new Apple Pencil:

Here are my thoughts:

There is no noticeable latency with the new Apple Pencil. For me, this is the best new feature. As soon as we use it, it does its job. The latency (i.e. the delay between writing and seeing it show up on the iPad) drives me crazy with my original pencil. With the new Apple Pencil, there is almost no delay.

The new Apple Pencil only works with the latest iPad Pros. It does not work with previous versions. And the original Apple Pencil does not work with the new iPad Pros.

I keep hearing about the weird way to charge the original Apple Pencil. This is a backup way to charge the pencil. Because the old Apple Pencil included a lightning adapter in the box, so we were not forced to charge the old Apple Pencil via the iPad.

We can double-tap anywhere around the front of the pencil to switch tools. The flat part is only there so it can sit flat while docked. I anticipate 3rd-party iPad software developers using this double-tap gesture to offer super cool features in the future.

The pencil is mostly round with a skinny, flat side. This flat side of the pencil magnetically snaps to the long side of the iPad. As soon as it snaps into place, the pencil begins wirelessly charging. This is almost magical.

The new pencil is matte finished – no longer as glossy. And the old Apple Pencil is shorter than the old one.

Once the battery wears out, there is no way to fix or repair it. This is nothing new for Apple as it fits into their planned obsolescence mantra.

Finally, lots of people are complaining that the new Apple Pencil is $30 more expensive. These people need to have their head examined… we walk around with the most amazing technology ever offered to the public. It is one of the best bargains on earth today. Apple DESERVES the extra $30 to make these amazing toys for us.