“Wood” you want to be rescued from a fire using this ladder? (pun intended)

I love a quick video story like this. It is a mini-documentary on how The San Franciso Fire Department makes its own wooden ladders by hand:

Here are a few takeaways I found out after researching this story:

    • Wooden ladders are cheaper to maintain than aluminum ones.
    • The San Franciso Fire Department is using wooden ladders due to an abundance of overhead power lines. The high-voltage cables and wires that guide the city’s public transport system mean that ladders made of conductive elements are too dangerous to use.
    • Some firefighters claim: “The fire service is 200+ years of tradition, unimpeded by progress”.

Fun math question: how many times do we need to shuffle a deck of cards?

I just read this fascinating article about how many times we should shuffle a new deck of cards.

Punchline: it takes just 7 ordinary, imperfect shuffles to mix a deck of cards thoroughly. Fewer are not enough and more do not significantly improve the mixing.

Interesting fact: casinos shuffle their deck of cards as little as just 4 times. Why am I not surprised?

Now this is an example of a true life hero (video)

For some odd reason, the media likes to label victims as “heroes.”

No. They are not heroes.

This real-life spider man is a true hero – check out this video:

By the way: I just put on my hazmat suit and visited all the major news websites. As I expected, this video did not get mentioned. This is why I have not watched the news in more than a decade.

Inside DJ Zedd’s $16 million house LA mansion (video)

Up until yesterday, I had never heard of DJ Zedd (a.k.a Anton Zaslavski).

Apparently, spinning records pay well these days. He reportedly made almost $100 million over his short career.

So like most Nouveau riche, he paid over $16,000,000.00 for this mind-blowing, AMAZING Los Angeles home:

Question: what is the over/under on the date of Zedd going bankrupt like every other newly-rich dude?

Watch this man race a subway train

Here is the epic challenge:

Jump off a train, and jump back on the same train on the next stop.

It is amazing that a man (navigating London’s terrible road layout and an Oyster card gate) can outrun a train.

Check this out: