Do we REALLY need to count calories to look great and be fit?

I just tried to watch this “debate” between Stephan Guyenet, “Ph.D.” and “journalist” Gary Taubes.

And it was a train wreck. Unlistenable. A shitshow between two people with the ego the size of Texas.

Even Joe Rogan had to cut off the recording hastily at the end.

If you are nihilistic and hate life, watch this to put you over the edge:

I scrubbed ’til near the end and heard the same ol’ logical fallacies about our diets…


How salt, sugar and fat are making us fat. (Nope.)

How genetics is largely responsible for the reason we are fat. (Not even close.)

And total nonsense like how studies show calories in and calories out determine how fat we tend to get. (A wicked lie.)

The irony of this (at least for me… n=1) is that I am eating the most amount of calories per day ever in my life AND my skinny jeans are loose on me. I am about to buy a size 32 jeans. The last time I wore that size was in middle school.

In fact, I just polished off a massive grass-finished steak, pan-fried scallops and an entire Ben & Jerry’s pint of ice cream which alone has a whopping 1,080 calories. In fact, this is the 3rd pint I have downed this week (science… really):

Ben And Jerrys Half Baked empty

Oh, and about exercise… I lost a lot of blood a few months ago (via past issues with anemia) – so I might have worked out 5 times in the last 3 months. I am waiting for my red-blood-cell count to get back to normal.


Earlier today, I got my driver’s license photo taken for renewal. And it was the first time I actually liked my photo in over 3 decades. Why? Because I looked half my age and my face is starting to get that chiseled look. In fact, I am catching myself staring at my photo right now… damn, this eat-all-the-calories-I-want meal plan is super awesome.

By avoiding bad foods and not worrying about calories, I am shedding fat, dropping pounds – even eliminating just about every form of painful inflammation.

It has nothing to do with my calorie intake or outflow.

In my humble observation, eating healthy is more about eating nutrient-dense foods, avoiding poisonous foods – like plants (and their devious oxalates) and intermittent fasting.

Simple. So simple.