Is this the absolute best way to cook bacon?

Hey bacon lovers… rejoice!

This food blog went nuts and decided to test many different ways to cook bacon the right way:

We put six popular methods to the test, because we had to know: Which way is better than all the others? You can thank us later for consuming only bacon for two days. Of note, we used the same brand of supermarket-accessible bacon at room temperature for each method, as a control.

This blog claims the best way to cook bacon is:

If you love bacon with some good chew and crispiness around the edges, opt for baking it in the oven on a rimmed sheet pan with no parchment lining. (Or, if you’re very concerned about minimizing clean-up and don’t mind a little waviness, go ahead and line it.)

If, like me, all you care about is that classic bacon-y flavor and you don’t care about appearance, go cast iron skillet on the stovetop.

If you’re after super crispy, flat bacon, nonstick’s going to be your best friend.

I am not so sure I agree. And I am not alone… take a look at what they are saying about making bacon in the comment section here.