Is this the best vlogging camera ever made? (video review)

Sony just released their newest point-and-shoot camera called the Sony RX100 VI.

This camera fills a rapidly growing void – a picture/video camera for vloggers.

Most professional photographers will recommend against buying this camera. They say it is too pricey. And the RX100 overheats quickly on high-resolution video shoots, too. Plus, it does not have a UHS2 card slot. And it does not have an external microphone jack. These are all valid concerns for professional photographers…

But for the average traveler or vlogger, this might be the best vlogging camera ever made. We get AMAZING quality shots with a camera that fits comfortably in our pocket (or purse). The touchscreen/autofocus combo is slick. And the selfie screen is the cherry on top – awesome.

Here is Casey Neistat’s review of the RX100 VI:

Here are the pros and cons as I see them for this point and shoot vlogging camera:


  • Most important for vlogging, the RX100 VI includes a pop-up electronic viewfinder with a clever touchscreen. It is like combining the convenience of a smartphone with a point-and-shoot camera.
  • The image quality is amazing. It rivals most DSLRs.
  • Slow motion is impressive. While most professional gear is thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, this point-and-shoot camera offers slo-mo at a fraction of the price.
  • Image stabilization is surprisingly good. The shots are sharp and crispy.
  • The lens features powerful optical image stabilization.
  • The camera can shoot video up to 4K as long as 5 minutes.
  • Recharge this camera’s battery with a standard mini USB cable.


  • There is a large learning curve to operate the slo-mo feature. The controls are clunky and poorly explained.
  • Sony’s software is TERRIBLE. Their “Image Data Converter” is hard to figure out and use.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is terrible. I recommend using these SD memory cards instead for file transfers.
  • As with other Sony cameras, the menu system is confusing, overloaded and poorly explained.

Punchline: I will be getting this vlogging camera. I love that it offers the benefits (and compactness) of a point and shoot with the quality of a DSLR.

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