Parents destroying kid’s electronics (video)

As a parent who loves my 2 children, I get it.

We give them this AMAZING supercomputer wrapped in glass and metal. And we expect them to use it just a few times a day.

Instead, most people are super addicted to that damn smartphone. And technology is taking us away from those we love the most.

I am seeing more and more of these types of videos. We see parents taking out their frustrations on their children’s devices – like this:

How fake news is “extremely dangerous to our democracy” (video)

A video surfaced yesterday on April Fool’s Day. Is this a sick joke on us?

Watch this:

Sinclair Broadcasting Group is the largest owner of local television stations in the USA. The broadcaster is awaiting approval for its proposed merger with Tribune Media, which would give it access to almost 70% of the nation’s television audience.


Introducing the balanced, friendly-diet debate (video)

Normally, when diet gurus get together for a debate, all hell breaks loose.

But, this was a (mostly) civilized chat between 3 nutrition “thought leaders” held at the popular Talks At Google.

This balanced-diet debate featured:

Bulletproof Coffee founder Dave Asprey (claiming a high-fat diet is healthy for us)…

Film Director Kip Anderson (claiming a strict vegan diet is healthy for us)…

Dr. Joel Kahn (claiming a plant-based diet is healthy for us)…

Watch this fascinating discussion about a balanced diet plan:

Companion Notes

Dave Asprey’s books about high-fat diets

Kip Anderson’s book “Cowspiracy

Dr. Joel Kahn’s book about plant-based diets

Believe it or not, self-driving cars are here today

Do not be fooled by the latest news about Uber’s self-driving crash…

While everyone is freaking out about it, autonomous vehicle companies continue to improve its self-driving test cars.

From what I see, self-driving cars are at least 95% perfect and reliable today.

Self-driving cars continue to safely drive hundreds of thousands of miles without incident.

And just this week, Tesla released their latest over-the-air software update that might shock you. It is damn near perfect – check this out:

By the way:

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