How to fix a cracking neck with clicking neck exercises

Years ago, my neck muscles were super stiff.

And I gradually lost my range of motion.

Even worse, I was hearing grinding (or crunching) noises whenever I turned my neck.

Doctors will tell us we might have osteoarthritis (OA).

Or we might have the REALLY scary sounding Cervical Osteoarthritis (a.k.a. Cervical Spondylosis).


I found out there is good news to fix these cracking and clicking neck sounds…
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Inside the Airbus a3 Transpose – is this modular plane the future?

I love this idea of swapping out modular plane cabins like cargo jets do:


There is one dirty little secret about airplanes that should concern us: fire-retardant material. Airplanes are bathed in this stuff… and I doubt it is good for our health and well being.