Eating oysters? Really?

Sometimes I wonder if the people who rule us behind the curtain are testing us.

They must laugh at how stupid we humans really are.

We eat plants drowned in poisons, drink chlorinated water that is highly toxic – and eat seafood that thrives on sewage.

Yes. Oysters eat our crap for nutrition. Our waste is their bounty… check out this story from CNN:

The Billion Oyster Project has worked since 2014 to rebuild oyster reefs in the waters surrounding New York City. The creatures are natural purifiers: A single adult oyster can cleanse about 50 gallons of water per day. And their reefs can provide a habitat for other marine life and help protect New York’s shores against storm surge during rough weather.

Great. Use seafood to clean our streams and rivers. Count me in.

But then, people eat oysters and wonder why they often times get violently ill:

Norovirus is actually the most common cause of food-borne illness caused by the consumption of bivalve shellfish contaminated with human fecal matter. In fact, some recent research done in the United Kingdom found that almost 70 per cent of the raw oysters sold in the U.K. contain norovirus, although it is uncertain if all of the virus is actually infectious.

Oyster-associated norovirus outbreaks commonly result from contamination at the source in the growing waters. Oyster beds themselves can become contaminated due to land-based sewage outflow or sewage disposal from oyster harvesters.

Punchline: I do not eat oysters. Never have. Never will.

This is the best explanation of the carnivore diet I have ever seen

Something remarkable is happening…

Prominent vegans are quitting Veganism. And they are moving to a carnivore diet (and having success with it).

The carnivore diet seems beyond controversial. Eliminating all plants from our diet seems beyond heretical. And to add to the confusion, there is a lot of plant-based food industries throwing a lot of anti-meat propaganda at us.

That is why I find this video does the best job explaining the benefits of the carnivore diet:

How to choose the right ground beef

Ever wonder what types of beef (and fat/lean ratios) work best for our next meal?

First, let’s talk about those numbers: 80/20, 90/10, 95/5, 75/25, etc. The left-side number is the percentage of lean meat. The right-side number is the percentage of fat. So in 80/20 beef, we have 80% meat to 20% fat.

An 85/15 mix is leaner than 80/20… and a 90/10 mix is leaner still (and so on).

How do we know which type of ground beef is best?

Typically, there are 3 main uses of ground beef:

1) complimentary
2) balled
3) “the star”


When the ground beef is not the main flavor, I find it is best to go with a leaner ground (e.g. 85/15 mix). We do not want the heavy fat content to interfere with the main flavors. A great example of this is chili or tacos. We want the spice to dominate, not the meat.

Now, since I do not fear fat (in fact, I seek it out), I aim for an 85/15 mix. I find anything leaner dries out the dish.


I always cook my meatballs with an 85/15 mix. This beef-to-fat ratio tends to keep the meatballs from falling apart (without the need to rely on binders like eggs or bread crumbs). Also, it helps the sauce to dominate the taste profile.

“The Star”

When I am cooking hamburgers, the beef is the featured ingredient. And I want a lot of fat… so I choose an 80% beef/20% fat ratio.

The bottom line for me is this: my hamburgers are made from 80/20… everything else is 85/15.

Do bad genetics really affect our healthspan and lifespan?

There is no doubt that genetics plays a large role in how I look like (and often sound like) my dad.

But life’s “boogieman” wants us to think that almost all our genes affect our health, too.

I find this “boogieman” is Big Pharma. For decades, they have been buying ads, paying off doctors and journalists – even sponsoring YouTube influencers to convince us that our poor health is (mostly) related to bad genes.

They have poured billions of dollars into conditioning us to think diseases are genetic… hair loss is genetic – even fat gain is genetic.

And of course, Big Pharma has a solution to our mutated genes’ problems: PILLS.


Those pills almost never fix the problems they claim to solve. Even worse, their pills are riddled with side effects – which exponentially kills our good health.

It does not matter if pills do not cure our ills, because being sick is mighty profitable.

This is why I do not let “bad genes” distract me from thriving. Instead, I use knowledge and science to live the good life.