Apple’s Thanksgiving animated ad is going viral – here is why…

When I first watched this new Apple animated Thanksgiving ad, I thought for sure it was directed by film wizard Wes Anderson.

(I was wrong.)

From an artistic standpoint, this is outstanding. It absolutely sucks us into the ad – watch this:

While this ad does a great job to capture our attention (which is an ad’s main job), their fairy tale story was confusing at best. No one who watched this with me could exactly explain what the story was about. Ironically, the same ad agency created Apple’s “Misunderstood” 2013 ad. And I am “misunderstanding” the story, here.

Artists masterfully created this ad using a combination of detailed miniatures and digital animation.

If you want to see the behind-the-scenes making of this “Share Your Gifts” ad, check out this video: