The new Apple Pencil – is it really worth $129.00?

This video shows the difference between the original Apple Pencil and the new Apple Pencil:

Here are my thoughts:

There is no noticeable latency with the new Apple Pencil. For me, this is the best new feature. As soon as we use it, it does its job. The latency (i.e. the delay between writing and seeing it show up on the iPad) drives me crazy with my original pencil. With the new Apple Pencil, there is almost no delay.

The new Apple Pencil only works with the latest iPad Pros. It does not work with previous versions. And the original Apple Pencil does not work with the new iPad Pros.

I keep hearing about the weird way to charge the original Apple Pencil. This is a backup way to charge the pencil. Because the old Apple Pencil included a lightning adapter in the box, so we were not forced to charge the old Apple Pencil via the iPad.

We can double-tap anywhere around the front of the pencil to switch tools. The flat part is only there so it can sit flat while docked. I anticipate 3rd-party iPad software developers using this double-tap gesture to offer super cool features in the future.

The pencil is mostly round with a skinny, flat side. This flat side of the pencil magnetically snaps to the long side of the iPad. As soon as it snaps into place, the pencil begins wirelessly charging. This is almost magical.

The new pencil is matte finished – no longer as glossy. And the old Apple Pencil is shorter than the old one.

Once the battery wears out, there is no way to fix or repair it. This is nothing new for Apple as it fits into their planned obsolescence mantra.

Finally, lots of people are complaining that the new Apple Pencil is $30 more expensive. These people need to have their head examined… we walk around with the most amazing technology ever offered to the public. It is one of the best bargains on earth today. Apple DESERVES the extra $30 to make these amazing toys for us.