Today is Friday. I got a big fat 0. Time to shut ‘er down

Every morning, I check the stats on this blog.

And the bad news is my stat counter showed a big fat zero visitors for the day.

When I clicked on the trends’ report showing the weekly counts, the news was even worse:

amazing final stats

Whenever I continue a business project, I pay close attention to 90 days trends. Are the analytics holding steady or trending up a bit – great. Keep it going…

But when analytics plummet downward, something is wrong.

And clearly, this blog is not resonating with people.
I am a big boy. And I can take a hint.
So today, this will be my last post here.

Most people worry about failure and suffer paralysis analysis.

But for me, I EMBRACE failures because it ultimately gives me more time and energy to work on my successes.

Finally, a big thanks goes to a client of mine (Ronald Skolnik) and my wife. I think they were the only two humans who regularly read this blog.

So now that I will have all this new-found free time, what is next for me?

Actually, I will work full time on a project I have been developing for almost 2 decades. And I plan to go public with it any week now. Stay tuned!

How to win the lotto every time – as easy as 666

It blows my mind that people continue to spend money on admitted fixed and rigged lotteries around here in the good ol’ USA.

Want proof? And I quote from this Wikipedia page about the 1980 Pennsylvania Lottery scandal:

On the night of April 24, 1980, more than six million viewers watched as 666 was pulled as the winning number. Nick Perry, the announcer, never drew the winning numbers; this was always done by a senior citizen volunteer, as the lottery benefits senior citizens in Pennsylvania. (Today, an official draws the numbers, and a senior citizen is on-camera to witness the draw.) Lottery authorities and local bookmakers became suspicious when they noticed that a large number of tickets were purchased for the eight possible combinations, and a handful of players came forward to claim approximately $1.8 million ($5.47 million today) of the then-record $3.5 million payout ($10.6 million today). At first, they had no actual evidence that the drawing was fixed.

If we can believe this number, the average American gambles away $116,000,000,000.00+ a year. Yet people complain they do not have any money left to survive in to live in this great country.

Why would people bet against rigged lotteries?

Is daylight saving time killing us all?

Here is a frightening finding of the Monday after daylight saving time:

There is a 24% increased risk of a heart attack.

And on Tuesday after daylight saving day ends, there is a 21% reduction in heart attacks.

According to this associated study:

No other weekdays in the weeks following DST changes demonstrated significant associations.

Daylight saving time is killing us all. That loss of one hour sleep is wreaking havoc on our biologies…

In fact, right after daylight saving time begins, there are (allegedly) more car accidents, more suicide attempts – even Federal judges hand out harsher sentences.

Of course, correlation does not equal causation. But these findings do not surprise me. Because according to my go-to guy on sleep (Matthew Walker), sleep is ENORMOUSLY underrated in all aspects of our lives.

Malthusians are quietly celebrating.

Believe it or not, these cement producers are “killing our planet”

Global propagandists love to blame cow farts for global warming.

But the truth is agriculture has little to do with it.

One of the biggest greenhouse emission producers is the cement industry. This is admitted by their trade association in this tweet:

This article goes deep into the weeds about the cement industry’s CO2 problems and its role in global warming and climate change…